New district cooling plant for V&A Waterfront Silo’s

Dec 13, 2015

December 2015, Cape Town – IES is currently installing a district cooling plant to serve the 5 new buildings being built in the Silo complex of the V & A Waterfront.

The chiller plant will provide pre-cooled water, chilled water and hot water, to the existing ClockTower, the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa and the Radisson Red Hotel currently being developed in the existing Grain Silo complex. The project also includes the new Silo 3 luxury residential apartment building and the Silo 6 office block.

Due the a successful installation of the award winning Silo 1 and Silo 2 at the V&A Waterfront, IES was awarded the work for the additional Silo’s currently being developed.

For these new Silo’s, pre-cooled water is created by pumping filtered sea water through plate heat exchangers to a primary pre-cooling water circuit. This water is then pumped through the parking garage to the various buildings. The buildings use the secondary pumps to pump the pre-cooled water to pre-cooling coils in the air-handling units. The return pre-cooled water is then routed to the chiller plant for the chillers to be used for the chiller heat rejection and then back to the plate heat exchangers to be re-cooled by the sea water.

High efficiency Carrier variable speed, variable flow, screw chillers are used to produce chilled water. All of the chillers can also be used to produce hot water for winter heating and pre-heating domestic water for washing. Two of the chillers are designed to produce both chilled and hot water simultaneously. This will result in significate electrical savings when both hot and chilled water are required.

One of the special requirements for this plant is to be able to provide heating and cooling water on demand from the museum building for dehumidification and re-heating, as the museum has stringent temperature and humidity control requirements for the storage and display of rare art works.

The value of this project is estimated at R 45 million.

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