New MBA certificate for IES

Dec 01, 2016

The Master Builders Association North has renewed IES’s certificate until November 2017.

As the leading national representative body in the building and construction industry, Master Builders South Africa is a voluntary membership based organisation whose primary role is to promote the viewpoints and interests of the industry, to promote the highest quality and standards through excellence in service to our members, engaging government and legislative bodies on national policies that affect the industry, for the purpose of creating a sustainable building industry in South Africa.

Master Builders South Africa is a Federation of registered employers’ organisations which represent contractors and employers operating in the building and construction sectors. The Federation is regulated in terms of Section 107 of the Labour Relations Act, Act 66 of 1995.

Master Builders South Africa represents its members on national bodies and lobbies national government on legislative and other policy issues. It also provides a range of services to its members which encompass training needs, legal services, labour relations, building codes and standards, and economics which affect the building industry

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