Project Description:
MTN Doornfontein is one of the key MTN Data Centres, handling the bulk of all MTN’s cellular traffic.

This site is state of the art, boasting an environmentally friendly footprint and innovative use of technology.

System Description:
This is a tri-generation system that uses a Broad Chiller to utilise hot water from the Gas Powered Generator to provide chilled water to the building. This site also features a hybrid cooling tower from Evapco, which is the first of its kind in South Africa.

Chilled water is exported to the building by means of two plate-to-plate heat exchangers with circulating pumps as well as primary pumps supplied by Grundfos.

This site features environmentally friendly HDPE piping, with closed cell thermoflex insulation.

The electrical components and controls were provided by uShaka Trading.

Insulation and vinyl cladding was carried out by Vedder and Moffatt.

HDPE piping installation was done by Natal Plastics.

Hybrid Cooling tower supplied by Evapco.

Broad Chiller was supplied by Voltas.

This system has a total cooling capacity of 750kW.

Main Contractor: ISF

Mechanical Consultant: Ingenium Engineers

Project Value: R8.5 Million

Year of Completion: 2015