A new forensics laboratory in Cape Town is part of the police's turnaround plan to increase convictions through clear-cut evidence.

The laboratory has been operating since November 2011 and focuses on DNA analysis, identifying drugs, causes of fires, polygraphs, analysis of gun shot residue, handwriting analysis, bloodstain analysis and 3D facial recognition.

It serves the Western Cape, several districts in the Northern Cape, the Eastern Cape, and replaces the old forensics centre which was being leased in Delft.

It is also one of only four forensic laboratories in the country - with the others in Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Durban. The state-of-the-art centre includes a system of rails running the length and breadth of the building (running about 800m in length) and 50 boxes in which collected evidence is channelled from nine kiosks to the correct department for investigation.

Main Contractor: Grinaker LTA

Section: Laboratory

Project Value: R26,000,000

Year of Completion: 2011