With its “arch of triumph”, the Moses Mabhida Stadium is a defining landmark similar to Sydney’s Opera House or The London Eye.
In addition to this internationally acclaimed engineering feat, the multi-disciplinary aspect of the stadium’s design allows the stadium to host a wide range of sporting and cultural events, putting it on a par with other international venue’s such as the Stade du France and Wembley Stadium.

The Moses Mabhida Stadium has changed the way we view sporting venues in South Africa. A stadium may be venerated as the scene of many an epic clash, but it need not be a monolith that only comes alive on “match day” - or when the members of the band plug in their guitars.

The Stadium utilises a chilled water system using 4 chillers and cooling towers, which supply chilled water to ducted fan coll units in the Club Offices and Suites. The basement has a smoke extract system. The various retail areas around the stadium are air conditioned using cooling towers supplying condenser water to water cooled package units.

Main Contractor: Group 5 / WBHO / Pandev JV

Size: 70 000 seats

Kilowatts: 5000 kW

Project Value: R55 000 000

Year of Completion: October 2009