NQF Level 3 – NLRD 65489
National Certificate Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

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2-ARV-M05Identify mechanical components and perform cleaning activities related to air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systemsIdentify mechanical components116233Elective6
3-ARV-M01Practice of air-conditioningRefrigeration cycle261819Core7
Water reticulation system116718Elective4
Plant layout and component drawings, sketches and specifications116717Core6
Legal requirements of SANS 10147 (SABS 0147) when handling group 1 refrigerants116468Core6
3-ARV-M02Electrical practice in air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systemsSketch and construct electrical circuits116244Core9
Install, connect and maintain electrical cables116243Core6
3-ARV-M03Installation of heavy equipment and insulationPositioning of equipment116701Elective4
Insulation methods116707Elective8
3-ARV-M04Service air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systemsDismantle and assemble equipment116712Core6
Install and service equipment116713Elective6
Remove, install and service bearings116715Elective6
Service air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems116702Core2
Water treatment systems116706Elective3
3-ARV-M05Controls and fault finding associated with air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systemsOn-off control system116226Core6
Modulating control systems116465Elective6
Fault finding116697Core5
3-ARV-M06Inspect, repair and install motor vehicle air-conditioning systemsCheck, diagnose and repair vehicle air-conditioning parameters116703Elective4
Diagnose and repair air- conditioning in vehicles116708Elective4
Supply and fit air-conditioners to vehicles116705Elective3
3-ARV-M07Self-contained, externally powered transport and eutectic refrigeration systemsInstall self-contained and externally powered transport refrigeration systems9266Elective4
Install externally powered transport refrigeration systems9546Elective6
2-G-M04-T02Working with materials and toolsUsing tools116696Core8
2-G-M05-T02Learning tools and techniquesUse of computers in the workplace9532Elective6
3-G-M03-T02 Life skillsDeal with dynamic and diverse work environments116720Elective3
Use communication skills to handle and resolve conflict in the workplace9533Elective3
3-G-M03-T03 Version 2Life skillsPersonal management skills9530Core3
4-G-M01-T01 Workplace fundamentalsSafety in the workplace116719Core3
4-G-M05-T03Communications and personal managementPersonal management244589Elective02