NQF Level 4 – NLRD 65509
Further Education And Training Certificate

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ARV-M03Installation of heavy equipment and insulationPositioning of equipment116701Elective4
Insulation methods116707Elective8
4-ARV-M01Inspect and maintain electrical installations associated with air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systemsSketch and construct three phase circuits116464Core8
Fault find, repair and maintain AC motors116463Core8
Inspect and maintain electrical control panels116466Core6
Programmable logic controllers116460Elective7
4-ARV-M02Service and repair air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systemsComponent overhaul and repair116421Elective8
Service a refrigeration system116403Elective8
Diagnose operational faults and take action116406Core6
General quality standards within the industry116392Core8
4-ARV-M03-T01Commissioning and plant optimisationProperties of air116695Elective7
Elementary airflow measurements and calculations116698Core4
Commonly applied air-conditioning systems116710Elective4
The effect of operating conditions262178Core6
Operating parameters of a refrigeration system116699Core5
5-GInspect and evaluate the conformance of air- conditioning and refrigeration pressure equipment262159Elective15
3-G-M03-T01Life skillsTeam dynamics116714Elective4
4-G-M04-T01Working with peopleSupervision and leadership in the workplace116380Core6
4-G-M05-T02Communications and personal managementWriting and managing technical reports116389Elective4
Complete feasibility and commissioning reports12488Core3
4-G-M01-T01Workplace fundamentalsSafety in the workplace116379Core4
Collect and use data to establish complex statistical and probability models and solve related problems7465Elective5